The Gospel and The Productive Life.

This last semester, I took a class called “The Gospel and The Productive Life.” It was such a good class for me.

We talked about:
1. The Plan of Salvation for Heavenly Father’s Children
2. The Guidance of the Holy Spirit.
3. Setting Goals and Managing Time
4. Managing Financial Resources Wisely
5. Faith in Jesus Christ Gives us Power to Provide for Ourselves and Others
6. Providing for Self, Family and Others
7. Recognizing and Developing Talents and Abilities
8. Each of Us Can Help Build the Kingdom of God on Earth
9. Becoming Self- Reliant in the Lord’s Way
10. Seek Learning by Study and By Faith
11. Selecting and Becoming an Eternal Companion
12. Observing the Lord’s Law of Physical Health
13. “These Things Shall Give Thee Experience”
14. Honoring Covenants
15. Serving One Another
The Family: A Proclamation to the World.

It was such a good class. The teacher was amazing. I have a binder of hand-outs that will help with preparing talks and be great study aids.

I was just looking through the binder and I found a sheet on “Selecting and Becoming an Eternal Companion.” The institute teacher handed the class. It had on it what our companion must do/have, nice but not necessary, and Must not do/ must not have. I was chuckling to myself as I read it. Brother Schwab was making fun of all the girls because they “all’ have a list whereas I didn’t but he has us make a list.
The list? Ha. That will be a secret. You will never know unless you become the eternal companion ie: the boyfriend, then fiance, then husband.


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