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I live in a house. I drive a car. I rock out to music daily. I play games. I read. I'm a girl. I wear pointy toed shoes. I dye my hair. Get my drift?

A few years gone?

I just thought I would start writing again, I need that outlet. And I figured now would be the perfect time, it’s summer time!

But while I’ve been MIA, a lot has happened. Like months and months worth of posts. 🙂

Over time, I’ll share but for now, I’m single (thank goodness), I’m free and I’m loving life.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 7.54.03 PM

Here is a preview for a post to come! 🙂


Where have I been?

I’ve been in hiding. Well, actually, I’ve been golfing, working out and sleeping. That is what my summer has consisted of.









Yup. Dig it, y’all!!! I was testing out my new lip gloss, whatchu think?

Life in general.

While attending yet another funeral (6 in the past 6 years), I feel overwhelmed with how short life truly is.

I haven’t always embraced the carpe diem attitude. I’m more “Okay, and the plan is…. then it’s….. and then…..” type attitude. That’s me. I am a planner. But realistically, I need to be seizing the day, enjoying each beautiful and glorious moments that occur.

I really want to take a photo of something everyday. 365 days of photos. That would be truly magnificent to look back and say this picture was taken on 4/4/2014, in Sandy, Ut and recall those memories. I think I’m going to start, TODAY!

p.s. today’s my half birthday. Happy half-birthday to me!

Argh! It’s the weekend, thankfully!

This week was so terribly long! I can’t believe that not sleeping one night could throw off so many things. Like my patience. I’m a reader but I have this huge problem– I don’t stop reading until the book is done and with this series, until the series is done. I am on the last book at least!

I kicked off the weekend by going up to Park City to celebrate one of the babies that I used to baby sit for— I started babysitting the boys when the oldest was 4 months and he’ll be 12 this year! It’s crazy that the boys are getting so big! But I realized how I love Park City. It’s beautiful! I have a feeling that my escapes will be more frequent to PC.

And a little body pump update: I successfully did every single track! Including my best friend track–lunges. I hate them so much.

Now to go shopping with my make-up from last night, sweating and probably most definitely smelling of stinky girl.

Freak yes!

Freak yes! I can successfully say that since October 10 I have lost 16. Now thanks to those of giving me the courage, the desire, and the mental pictures to punch the lights out of and to lift weights too. You know who you are.

I wish I could say that I knew how much longer was left on this journey but I don’t know. It has left me excited, energized and ready to kill it today.

The heartbreak that happens..

imagesThis past week had one of the hardest days EVER in my short teaching career. Drama happened between a few girls. It happens and I know how to handle it. I can handle it. I do handle it. But this, THIS, drama hurt me to my core. It shocked me. It literally broke my heart for these little girls. It didn’t have anything to do with me. It truly didn’t. But it had EVERYTHING to do with me. In that day, in the minute, I knew, I truly knew, that these girls needed me and that I need to be the best teacher, example, friend, confidant, listener, guide, parent, and so much more for these babies. My students are no longer students, they are my babies. They are needed, they are wanted, they have potential and they are mine.  Who learns the bigger lessons? The students or the teacher? My vote goes to the teacher!

I have 70 days left with them for this year. This year, what have I taught them? This year, what have I shown them?