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The heartbreak that happens..

imagesThis past week had one of the hardest days EVER in my short teaching career. Drama happened between a few girls. It happens and I know how to handle it. I can handle it. I do handle it. But this, THIS, drama hurt me to my core. It shocked me. It literally broke my heart for these little girls. It didn’t have anything to do with me. It truly didn’t. But it had EVERYTHING to do with me. In that day, in the minute, I knew, I truly knew, that these girls needed me and that I need to be the best teacher, example, friend,¬†confidant, listener, guide, parent, and so much more for these babies. My students are no longer students, they are my babies. They are needed, they are wanted, they have potential and they are mine. ¬†Who learns the bigger lessons? The students or the teacher? My vote goes to the teacher!

I have 70 days left with them for this year. This year, what have I taught them? This year, what have I shown them?