1430les millsI’ve been regularly attending body pump, twice a week for the past month. I am happily enjoying it and I actually go on my own which has always been a FEAR of mine. I have always hated doing things alone. But I am learning that I am stronger then what I thought. I am able to go to the gym ALONE and kick some booty.

I started with stressing out with the bar and 4 pounds (warm-up, squats, chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders and back).

In about a months time, I am up to 11 pounds for warm up, 22 pounds for squats, chest is at 11 pounds, triceps it depends on which tracks we are doing but I typically do 11 pounds, biceps are also at 11 pounds, lunges at wimpy, i’m just up to 11 pounds, back is 11 pounds also, shoulders are beasts and kill at 11 pounds. By no means is that amazing. Truly, it’s not. I see girls squatting 50+ pounds but for only regularly going for a month, I am amazed!

Tonight is my night to go again! I am craving it. I’d rather go to the gym then go to FHE (yikes). I’m upping my squats to 26 lbs tonight. I’m also upping my back weight to 15 weight.  I can’t believe the little changes that are happening.  I can’t wait to see what my weight lifting and body will look at in 3 months time, 6 months time and even a year from now.  Who knows. If I have already somewhat tripled my weights, who knows what I will be lifting! 🙂






The sick teacher.

This teacher is super sick, AGAIN. Last week was that nasty cold and this week…. wait for it…. strep. 

It is not fair. TWO weeks in a row being sick. This is the first sick day that I’ve taken in the two weeks. 

Yesterday, I kicked major teacher butt! I introduced National Symbols. The KIDS LOVED IT! I loved it! We painted a flag. The kids followed EACH step of the directions (well, 18 out of 20 did). They alternated every other stripe and the flags look awesome. We will be adding the stars hopefully tomorrow. 

I gave my district math test two days ago. That also rocked! These kids are learning and growing so much this week! I can’t believe it. I actually miss them today. 😦

But then again, there is construction at my house and the cute tiler is back. 🙂 There is the silver lining. 

Confessions of a teacher.

Let’s just start with OH.MY.GOSH.

I’ve been teaching now for uhm 1 year and 7 months. I have had 2 classes. This does not include my sweet student teaching year.

Here’s some of my DAILY words.

1) “Sit on your bum.” I used to say pockets but HEY they all know that it’s THEIR butt that I am referring to.

2)  You are tattling and I DON’T want to hear it.

3) “Student, go tell him “I don’t like it when you punch me, please stop.””  Yup, that then  turns into “Don’t punch me.” (Way to go my little parrot.)

4) Today, I started “You lost it, I have it, 10 push ups, GO!” 3 kids surely learned that they don’t want to lose their dry erase marker– those suckers AREN’T cheap.

5) “See, I knew you how to do it. Stop acting like you don’t know anything. I promise, you do.”

6) Finger snaps.

7) Sign Language SIT DOWN NOW.

8) I often am screaming in my head “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I JUST HAD YOU CLEAN YOUR DESK? HOW HARD IS IT NOT TO RIP A STUPID PIECE OF STUPID PAPER?” But calmly say “Just go staple it.”

9) I don’t trust my students to use my nice pencil sharpener but I trust them to you a stapler and not staple their fingers.

10) I really have a hard time that I can only pee 2 times a day. At lunch and at recess. I apparently have a small teacher bladder.

I honestly LOVE teaching. I do. I really do. I was asked “You practice patience and being a good parent everyday. Are you perfect at it?” My response “Nope, I’ll probably even have a harder time with my own kids. Thank you very much.”




I did the unthinkable!




Yup, it’s true. I deleted that dear old facebook account. Whose to say I won’t add it back one day but for now, I love my privacy, my lack of having my phone NEXT TO ME ALL THE DANG TIME and honestly, being a human. I’ve found I reach out to my friends more. I actually want to talk to them ON THE PHONE or text them BECAUSE I don’t know the daily of their hourly lives. 

Now, it people want to know what’s going on in my life, they’ll have to find me and talk to me! 

Let’s play a game: 

It’s called: Name that tune. Ready, go! 

“Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new” 


The life I never completely knew I wanted.

This life that I am living recently changed. Who knew that three months ago, TODAY (okay, it’s been sitting in my draft bin for weeks), that I would be making life changing decisions. I chose God. I chose my family. I chose me. Now, the journey over the past three months has not been easy but as the saying goes, it has been incredibly worth it. The past three months I’m learning who I really am. I am developing better habits. I used to write in my journal once a month. ONCE a month. Now, I write 4-7 times a week! Look at that!

When I took a different road, I decided to start reading my scriptures daily (really, we’ve always been taught that- well, I was “motivated enough to read once a week). I’ve cruised through the BOM and I’m already in Helaman. I’ve changed my attitude towards others. I love more. I give hugs more. I love those little babies in my class more. I cherish the tender mercies that God gives me multiple times a day. I can honestly say that each day, I write thank you to Him.

My dear friend had a baby recently. I am through the roof with joy, excitement, happiness and love for her. It was amazing that in a my moments of pure joy for her, I thought to myself “How am I so happy for her? I  should really want a big FATTY cupcake because its NOT ME.” How selfish am I? As quickly as that thought came, it left and I recognized that it simply isn’t my turn yet. All I need to do is warn her:  Be prepared, the baby hog will be spending some saturdays up with a sweet little baby in her (my) arms.

This change that I’ve gone through is one that I never ever want to forget.


I was talking to my best friend and we were talking about if we are too picky with boys and how we get on the track of “what is wrong with me?” thoughts and I said “Really, is it about what is wrong with me or is it what do I need to learn?” Honestly, I don’t know if it’s what I need to learn or if its about what the future hubs needs to learn but it’s all about getting to the stair case landing at the same time and recognizing the sheer joy that will erupt when we both make it there.

P.S. cute boy down the street, yup, you. thanks for being so cute!

Why, hello 2014!

It’s a brand new year. It’s a brand new chapter. 2013 was here and now it is good and gone. Thank goodness. With what comes with a new year is typically “New Years Resolutions.” But really, what is the point of a simple year long goal? They may challenge you for that year but what happens in 365 days? You fall off the band wagon?


On Sunday, there were some great speakers, they spoke about eternal goals. It really had me thinking about what my goals were. My goals weren’t the usual lose a few pounds (although, I’ll admit it is on my mind after I ate that delicious cafe rio salad) type goals. They are goals that will help me reach my eternal goal.


My goals are goals that each year, I’ll add on to.

This year, I want to tighten up my spending. I actually want to watch and see where my money goes to (besides scheel’s and under armor, oh, love them).

This year, I want to actually love going to the gym and be confident in going on my own. Yup, I am the girl that likes to go with friends. I want to want to go on my own. The only way: to keep going.

This year, I want to organize and keep my “space” clean and organized. My room looks like a flipping tornado hit. It may be because I slept 16 hours (from 10pm on NYE’s until 2pm NY’s and then I went back to bed at 10 and slept til 8 this morning, holy pete, I slept a lot) and have just been taking clothes off to put new clothes on to then take them off and get new ones half asleep. But I want to keep the space pretty! I’m such a girl, I want things “pretty.”

Spending Money Glorifying God MamaGab 2

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

Henry David Thoreau

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.

Thomas Jefferson

My three big goals are goals that can and will be added on to. It’s not a simple stop drinking soda because quite frankly, I need a Dr. Pepper every once in awhile when I’m dealing with my smelly 20 first graders. It’s not like I have a soda each day, like 1 or 2 a month, most of the time, I steal sips out of others sodas. They are lifelong goals. They are goals that each day, I’ll work on. I even made a money tracker spreadsheet, oh holy hannah! I have all my favorite gym classes programmed into my phone. Now, the whole cleaning thing– it won’t be hard as long as I am awake. 😉


Here’s to 2014! Let’s celebrate all the hole in ones! (let’s celebrate that those pants are already too big, praise the good skies above!)

On a scarier note: The fam bam has nicknamed the ex. His name is Chucky. Chucky describes my ex perfectly, scares the hell out of someone. And if I would have married him- I would have been the bride of chucky. hah

Chuckie and tiffany.png_thumbBut, I am not no bride of Chucky. I praise the good Lord each and every day.

Cosmetic warrior, jealous much?


I have an obsession with lush skin care products- I recently just tried a new face mask. I’m in love, obviously! Can’t you tell??

And, oh gosh, I dyed my hair dark brown and apparently the dry skin has hit full force, I’m now using a shampoo that smells like campfire to help reduce the dry skin!!!

Please excuse the campfire smell.

The best news!

I’ve been reading a book called “I Hope You Know How Much I Love You” by John Bytheway.

It’s a quick read- I read 44 pages in probably 30 minutes. It was thaaaaaat good. I suggest you all try it! 

The chapter that I really loved is all about hope. Hope is a wonderful thing to have. 

Here is a little excerpt from the book: “The future of this world has long be declared; the final outcome between good and evil is already known. There is absolutely no question as to who wins because the victory has already been posted on the scoreboard. The only really strange thing in all of this is that we are still down here on the field trying to decide which team’s jersey we want to wear!” -Jeffrey R. Holland

Jeffrey R. Holland, as quoted in John Bytheway, I Hope You Know How Much I Love You (Salt Lake City, Deseret Book, 2011), 33.

Now, when I read that, I instantly thought about University of Utah football. I pictured recording the game, knowing that the Utes won and THEN going back and watching the game. You already know the outcome, you know that they win. Even when they mess up, the other team scores, you know that everything will be alright and they will WIN. This is how our outlook should be. We already know that Heavenly Father’s team wins. We know that no matter how many giant screw-ups, touchdowns for the other team and flags being thrown up, HF’s team is gonna win!

I found some awesome quotes:

Here’s the quote that I used:Image


Image Here’s to adding another dash of hope into our lives!! 


If your interested in the book, you can buy it here : http://deseretbook.com/Hope-You-Know-How-Much-Love-Other-Advice-Happier-Life-John-Bytheway/i/5053200  

My Favorites for 2013

Oh my goodness! This year is almost over and I have found so many goodies that I can’t live without!


Now, I have more loves then just these 9 things. But these are a few of the faves!!!
Top left: hobo wallets! These things are such a gift! I have just 1 but I am in looove! You can always get them from Nordstroms!!

Top middle: bare minerals foundation! Oh, lovely! On the weekends, it’s my go to thing– foundation and then a few swipes of mascara!

Top right: Asics shoes. I have 4 pairs. I love them. I love bright colors and these come in just that- BRIGHT! Another nordstroms purchase!

Middle left: You can’t go wrong with anything from lush– like their shampoo bar! I use the one to speed up hair growth! That’s how I have been able to have my hair grow 6+ inches in about 5 months!

Middle middle: all water is good but I love the smart water bottles.

Middle right: Alex and Ani bracelets. These babies are infused with positive energy! My collection is slowly growing. Only store in Utah is at City Creek! Look at the path of life bangle! It’s my go to bangle. It reminds me what I’m doing here.

Bottom left: revlon just bitten kissable balm stain– new love, gives color for the day and then I just swipe gloss over it throughout the day (y’all know I love me some good lips).

Bottom middle: Lancôme Le Crayon Kohl. This is a great eyeliner. I used to use Mac (still use all their shadows, oh loves) but I got a sample of Lancôme’s and I fell in love hard.

Bottom right: I constantly get asked if I have fake eyelashes. Nope, I don’t. I just use hypnose drama in black mascara! It works wonders!! I also use latisse and my mascara just enhances the long lashes!

Now, you know some of my favorites from 2013. Try ’em out!