Argh! It’s the weekend, thankfully!

This week was so terribly long! I can’t believe that not sleeping one night could throw off so many things. Like my patience. I’m a reader but I have this huge problem– I don’t stop reading until the book is done and with this series, until the series is done. I am on the last book at least!

I kicked off the weekend by going up to Park City to celebrate one of the babies that I used to baby sit for— I started babysitting the boys when the oldest was 4 months and he’ll be 12 this year! It’s crazy that the boys are getting so big! But I realized how I love Park City. It’s beautiful! I have a feeling that my escapes will be more frequent to PC.

And a little body pump update: I successfully did every single track! Including my best friend track–lunges. I hate them so much.

Now to go shopping with my make-up from last night, sweating and probably most definitely smelling of stinky girl.


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