The sick teacher.

This teacher is super sick, AGAIN. Last week was that nasty cold and this week…. wait for it…. strep. 

It is not fair. TWO weeks in a row being sick. This is the first sick day that I’ve taken in the two weeks. 

Yesterday, I kicked major teacher butt! I introduced National Symbols. The KIDS LOVED IT! I loved it! We painted a flag. The kids followed EACH step of the directions (well, 18 out of 20 did). They alternated every other stripe and the flags look awesome. We will be adding the stars hopefully tomorrow. 

I gave my district math test two days ago. That also rocked! These kids are learning and growing so much this week! I can’t believe it. I actually miss them today. 😦

But then again, there is construction at my house and the cute tiler is back. 🙂 There is the silver lining. 


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