Really? Now.

Welp. Let’s publicize this– single girls– you are safe! One less creeper is on the streets!

Merry Christmas, Courtney! 🙂

The title of this post is called really? now. because when I called off my awesomely (gray and yellow are beautiful wedding colors I might add) planned, 5 days before wedding, my sweet, dear, ex- fiance (why isn’t this in my dictionary, probably ’cause I hate the word) decided to tell me that I would be married in 3 months time, TOPS. Can you sense my sarcasm at sweet and dear? Total sarcasm.

P.S. Who says that? Come on!

Well, he beat me to it. He got married in 2 months to the day. Now, this is completely awesome, don’t fear, I am not crushed or bitter. It means that I am safe and he won’t be around me! That is really the best Christmas present anyone could ask for. I do feel the love.

P.S.S Now, I can’t bash on the poor idiot too much but really, who would marry someone that JUST got out of a freaking 13 (too long) relationship? Shoot, I couldn’t marry someone after dating them for 13 months (ironic). I think it might of just been him.

Well, congratulations is in order!

Best ever Christmas Present!


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