Christmas Eve, Eve

My tooth cracked.

I hate the dentist. I absolutely detest the dentist. I get sick to my stomach, I get dizzy and light headed and I loose my appetite (see, you now see how much I hate the dentist, I love love food, maybe that’s my problem…. ah, that’s another blog post.) 

So I had to go to the blasted dentist today. My gosh. How terrible. I have very strong roots in my teeth. I have to get 4 times the amount of Novocain of a normal person. Thus resulting in very slurred speech, numbness for a good 20 plus hours and looking like I have bells palsy. I was even asked if I was drunk, which I laugh about because I was slurring pretty bad. 

With my bells palsy face, I decided that I need to be chilling in the dark putting off school…..I have a ton of work to do over break. I am organizing my filing system at school. I am just cleaning my sweet humble little place.

To keep myself busy before the dentist, I finally got my wii out. Yup, you know it. It has been crazy, planning a wedding, starting school and then un-planning a wedding that setting up my sweet wii was not my top priorities. But I did play a sweet game of wii sport tennis and rocked it. I sure did win! It made me want to get back out onto a court and play. I’d surely kick some butt (in my dreams). 



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