Let’s Chat about this…

So I’ve been growing my hair out since this past June. I had a short a-line which I loved but with the wedding (big whoop) I decided I wanted long hair for it! My hair has grown over 8 inches since June. My hair grows like a weed. I also stopped coloring it! It’s my natural color baby and it has a hint of red! What?????? Yup!

Since I had had short hair for such a long time (since ’09), I’ve been curling it, braiding it and honestly loving the hair. There are minutes that I miss my short sassy hair.

Does anyone else feel like this?

I’ve decided that I’m going to grow my hair out about 6 more inches and then donate it. Maybe? Or will I be so in love that I can’t bare to cut it?

On a different note, let’s chat about a cute male whose eye contact is made on several different occasions and this said boy now has a girlfriend and I’m taking the your invisible route and yet, there has been 2 days straight of uncomfortable long looks AT me! Sitting at an activity last night, I could have stabbed my eyes out along while being totally obnoxious and uncomfortable. Just saying.

Time for a rest. This week is draining. Christmas has them wound up and me drained down!


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