What’s in my purse?


My bag is called the mary poppin’s purse. It has everything in it at most times. Today it is lacking in snacks and my phone.


I just did a giant dump it out. Look at what I found! I’ve been missing that necklace for a couple of weeks. 😉




I have a journal and note pads. I have a pen tucked in the side. I have head phones, a hobo wallet, keys, a pocket knife (actually there is 2), mints a-plenty, gum, lip stuff, candy cane, medicine, lotion, and a necklace.




Safe to say I like mints? I like wintergreen anything.


I love lip gloss. I have an obsession! I think I am close to 100 different lip glosses, lip sticks, chap sticks, lip liners, etc. Right now, I am digging Lancom lip stick, bare minerals lip plumping lip gloss, and then the Revlon just bitten lip stains. I also have simple glosses from Bath and Body Works.


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