Common feelings.

Now, there are common feelings about the”single” life. It is something that most have felt at some point in their life. Whether or not, they were happy or sad singleton’s.

Now, I am not the sad singleton. But the feelings happen. The feelings happen when you least expect it or when you totally KNOW they will happen. Like when it’s 5:40 in the evening, you are in sweats and you are debating about which movie to watch and which papers to grade, oh and you’ve already taken a nap because it was so cold, you bundled yourself up in blankets and maybe, possibly died into a deep, deep sleep.

Or, when you plan to go to a friend’s daughter dance recital and NO ONE BLOODY else can go. Seriously? Yup, I asked my mom. She went with me to the west side and we both said “We aren’t on the east side anymore.”¬†Seriously, since when did old high schools stink so badly? I know now why they are warriors— they have to fight to not stink—- Ahh, now that makes a lot more sense.

Now, I actually do have a lot of friends. It is true but I guess I haven’t taken my “new” friends to the next level, the hang out level. Pity the fool.

With the new year coming, I am thinking about things that I want to change and improve in my life typically known as those stupid resolutions. I have an awesome gym and a membership! I have buddies that go with me! I want to keep that up. Body pump classes and body combat classes are truly awesome classes although body pump leaves me falling down the stairs every single stinking time. AWESOME.


For now, there is one thing I want to improve in my life- not falling down the stairs.


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