…. Let me think about that….

So today at church, I went in to see the Bishop’s wife who happens to teach MARRIAGE PREP. YUP, all freaking caps. I spent my sunday school hour with her ALL year, well since May. 

She brought hot chocolate for the engaged couples who most likely will successfully finish MARRIAGE PREP and then actually get MARRIAGE. Novel idea, right? Apparently, I lost that memo. 😉

But my friend and I decided to crash her class for some hot chocolate, who wouldn’t want to? With how much she loves us, she gladly let us crash for some hot chocolate and while we were sitting waiting for the water to boil ( who knew there were hot chocolate water boilers that actually plug into the wall?) Bishop actually walked by and his wife was told him he had 2 class crashes. My witty response was “I already got ed-u-ma-cated, but I’ll have to retake the class.”

Smart me.

But I wouldn’t trade this phase for anything. I haven’t once thought about my decision. Each day, I find more and more reasons that I am made the right choice! (oh, today, there was a lot of reasons placed before me that I made the right choice.)

Let’s get me re-ed-u-ma-cated one day, deal? Thanks.  


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