Golly Gee!


I came to an awesome realization last night on my walk. The wind was blowing hard and the sky was amazing. I realized that despite how ridiculous the situation around me may be, right now, it is making him happy. That is the main, main reason why I ended it. I could not make him 100% happy. He couldn’t make me 100% happy.

Him and his new girlfriend make him happy. Him having a place to live despite its proximity to me, makes him happy. Him getting a new or finishing his tattoo– makes him happy.

Overall, I’m not interested in anything further about his life. I know he’s figuring ways to make himself happy and that’s what matters.

That was my moment. It’s not about hate, or disgust, although I will say his actions suck, but it’s truly about making the choice to be happy.

I’ve chosen to be 100% happy, to stay close to what I know to be true, to trust in Heavenly Father and that has been my choice.


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