Blind date tidbits

So last week, I was set up on a blind date. It was so much fun! It was awesome to be out, with a handsome guy who is a great dresser (button up, sweater over, jeans and I think nikes, yes I looked). The conversation just flowed for 2.5 hours! We talked about everything under the sun.

Here’s to 1 less first date that I have to go on!

I have been spending time with all my girly friends! I need to get better with pictures!






Plus I’m doing a body combat classes! Holy crap! That is a awesome workout and some of the best stress reliever exercise out there!

I love my life.

Even when my lovely ex-fiancé is trying to dig knifes into me by living 5 doors down and publicizing that he already has a new girlfriend. News flash, I ended it with you because you are not the man I want to be with. Don’t think that it gets to me, it just gives me more reasons that I ended it.

Here’s to a Wednesday of fun! 🙂


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