Clearly, I am nutso.

Why, Hello there! I’ve been missing for the past 6 months but I haven’t had the drive or motivation to sit down and write my lovely thoughts or personal life crap out for y’all. But today, I have about an hour to kill (first time in MONTHS) so I was like “hey, why not blog?” (or was it because my friend commented on my blog and it got me to thinking that I have been slacking, whatever way you want to look at it is fine by me.)

So, I might as well get cracking. Recently, I graduated from the University of Utah with my Human Development degree that has an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. Basically, in Courtney terms, I have a Pre Kindergarten- Third Grade teaching degree (for private schools, right now). Then I decided to go back and get my public school certification. I am student teaching in Canyons School District. I have the best 2 site teachers that anyone could ask for. They both are great examples, whether it be what I want to do or what I think I should stay away from.

My sweet married couple had their baby, yeah, did I tell y’all they were pregnant? Oh, well they were. Now, they aren’t. The husband, M, got accepted into PH.D school (what’s that considered?) and they moved out. Now, I have another awesome new tenant living down in the basement. Her name is Chiaki. She is part Japanese and she way cool and fabulous! It is going to be fabulous getting to know her better!

Macie has major allergies. Lovely. She has been on special dog food and get cheese and a benadryll everyday. The allergies are at bay! Yahoo!!  I swear, I am a good pet owner. She’s precious though. Love her!!

Uh, I can’t think of anything else other than school, house and Macie to update on. I am going to try and post and get more entertaining as I go. I can be funny, I swear to y’all.



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