Phone Cloning, scary stuff man.

There is a GIANT possibility that my cell phone has been cloned, that’s the legit term. Look it up here.

I get to spend time on the phone tomorrow with Verizon and their fraud department. Apparently, they get very ticked off at those who clone.

Here’s how it may have happened. My ex was a very smart man. He was very smart with computers. I was amazed. When I got my new phone, I showed him, well why wouldn’t I? We were dating and all. Well, apparently, he had the ability to clone my phone to either his smart phone or his iPod.

What cloning means, and to my understanding, whenever I get a phone call, it rings on two different phones, mine and the “copied” my phone. Whenever I get a text, it goes to two phones, mine and the “copied” my phone. Whenever I am typing a text out, each letter that I type shows up on my phone and the copied my phone. Freaky stuff, right?

Just an example: I was texting a friend and the long text that I had typed out was erased and xoxoxo showed up on my screen. I shut my phone off thinking it was just a fluke but it happened 3 more times.

It’s pretty freaky stuff.

The moral of the story: Do not date hackers who are control freaks, have trust issues and  threaten to kill themselves if you break up with them. No good can come of it except your phone being hacked or a key logger on your computer or your computer being hacked. 🙂


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