I want to purge and get rid of tons of stuff!

My bff, over at http://kateplusone.blogspot.com/, has creative a little monster (me).  I want to get rid of all the stuff that I honestly do not need. I am by no means a hoarder but I have a ton of crap (okay, it’s not crap but having 8 journals at one time going= a wee crazy).

I’ve already taken a trunk load of stuff to DI. But that hasn’t lightened the load of what is still busting out of the closets. WHY DO OLD HOMES NOT HAVE BIG CLOSETS?!?

Once I get school under complete control (ie: ahead in the paper department), I will be doing some SPRING CLEANING!

I’ve been reading a book called “You can Heal Your Life.” I am by no means depressed or “in need of healing” but I wanted to figure out other ways to increase my personal happiness. It’s been a very eye opening book. I’m only on chapter 5. It talked about thoughts create your future. The main thing that I have found helpful and has helped me keep a positive outlook is the 4 questions. I have not gotten to that part of the book but my friend, who told me about the book, told me about the questions.

The first question is: is this statement true? why yes, that guy is a jerk.

The second question, I think, is: Why is this statement true?

The third and fourth question basically turn your statement around to see it from that person’s point of view. “Well, he’s not a jerk, his personality clashes with mine and just because he says he’s a member of the church does not mean he follows the standards and that is his choice to smoke.” {I had to do this with a creeper in my class} It has really helped me stay positive. No more negative Nelly.

This weekend, I get to have my best little friend come over and spend the night tomorrow! I’m really excited!


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