The outcome no one excepted, even me.

So, I made up this plan a few months ago.

A plan to get all my schooling done, including grad school by the time I was 22. This idea was lovely in my mind.

But I was never motivated to sign up to take the GRE and whenever I prayed about  continuing my schooling, at this point in time in that direction, did I ever feel that going to graduate school was the right choice for me.

Well, all that changed today. I received my confirmation, in a rather odd way, that graduate school at this time is not the right choice for me to make.

So, I’m proud, happy, relieved and confident in my decision. The ‘rents are supportive. The school is supportive of my decision (no re-applying to my program, that’s support).

My decision may not make sense to anyone other than myself but it doesn’t matter.

So it is official. I will be student teaching Fall of 2011 and then officially teaching Fall of 2012.

Let’s hope I make it through this semester of 22 credits. I’m surviving but it’s not easy. I have not had a breakdown yet and I’m gonna keep it that way.



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