A lot of updates in a few minutes or a few photos.

2010 Christmas:

That was my house decorated for Christmas. It was about 6 boxes worth of “stuff.” But it sure was swell being surrounded by memories. Each ornament that I unwrapped, sent me back years and I remembered each Christmas that my Grandma had given me that particular ornament.

The parents, their friends and I went to The Crab Pot in Washington. Best nummy food eva. {Macie is killing me, tooting up a storm ova here.}

Can you believe how tiny this stink monster was? Okay, back to updating ya’ll.

See the two “pegs?” Yeah, those pegs hold the drawer together.

This side lacked those pegs. I improvised. I used the things you put nails into when your hanging something up.

{Ah, shut it, stink butt does have a lot of bones. Give me a break.}

So. I’m sick and recovering. In bed. I have 70 pages to read in a textbook still. Can’t bring myself to do it.



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