Rain, Rain, Rain, and of Course, More Rain.

It’s been raining all day. No kidding. It’s annoying. Even the ones who live here are annoyed. So I can be a little annoyed, right? Well, I am.

Like I told ya’ll, I wouldn’t be blogging much while I am here. I’m supposed to be cleaning my room (it’s already a disaster). Zeo, the big boy or known as my boyfriend, bit my arm. I have a giant bruise.  Or maybe since the blood is oozing out, it won’t bruise.

But, I figured I should give an update for the last week, right?

Saturday morning- I boarded a plane with a supposedly drugged dog. I shove her under the seat, like she’s supposed to {don’t worry, folks, it’s not harmful}, and try to relax and maybe even sleep.

15 minutes later, I see a black nose and black nose hair sticking out from under the seat. {MACIE} I bend down, look and see that she’s bitten and scratched a HOLE in her brand new $150 airplane kennel. I push her nose back in {get bit} and place my foot over the hole.

We land, get my bags and go chill at the homestead. We did something else but I honestly can’t remember. Ah. We went to the Everett mall. Did some shop shop, got me some pants (3 pairs) from the Old’s.

Sunday- Churchy Church. I stole a baby. One of the cutest babies. Cuddled and played with him. Skipped out of most of Sunday School and Relief Society. Saw some eye candies. Oh man.

Monday- Wal-Mart. Got me some Christmas pajamas, thermals. The pants are to big around the waist, awkward at the ankles. The shirt. It’s a 3-quarter shirt that is supposed to be a long one.

Tuesday-Went to Belleuve with the Papa in the Shelby. Was supposed to hang out with my friend but he’s a slacker {love you, man}

Wednesday- I got ready and went to Belleuve with my Mama. We went to see our “personal” shopper, Belma. She’s the greatest. Anyone who shops at Belle Square- GO TO BELMA. She got me a sweet-A present. {I of course opened it.}

We then went to dinner with my parent’s friends, those friend’s friends too and some of the kids from each came. 5 “kids” 6 “adults” plus an “adult” friend and a “kid” friend. I use quotes because we are all over the age of 21! {personal victory, you can clap now.}

Thursday- I went to lunch with my buddy Nicole and her little brother Riley. We went to hot iron. Then Riley wanted to go to Alderwood Mall. Oh heck, it was so dang busy. We turned around. Drove the the rotting mall {everett} and went to Old’s again. I got me a cute skirt, a shirt and a tank.

We then went to Costco. Saw my cute babies family. Came home.

And now, I’m blogging.

Do you think I’ve taken any pictures? Oh, you are so right if you guessed no.

But Tomorrow is Christmas EVE!!


Love you all!!



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