1st day withdrawls…

wahhhhhh. i feel like part of me is missing. i haven’t have my “cheese” or hot chocolate fix today. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

but my tummy is feeling better. but a week of not having warm yummy hot chocolate will put me over the edge and i’m already standing right at the edge, with just today.

i wanted mac and cheese for lunch but i have yummy organic mac and cheese that uses tons of milk. so no go.

and how will i get my protein fix? uhmm. apparently i’m eating beans a lot during the next few days and you know what they say about beans… 😉

i even opened the fridge and look at the cheese drawer full of pepperjack, colbyjack, chedder, parmasean, and even moz and i cried, a little bit. {i did not eat any of it though, be proud of my self restraint, even though it surely is tempting.}

favorite cheesey meals:

melted cheese {pepperjack} on a tortilla. dip in asian dressing. wahhhh.

mac and cheese. {annies, specially the bunnies one}

cheese and pickles. {snack. you have to be a terry child to understand this yummy snack}

parmesan chicken {too die for. yummmy.}

Tacos {sour cream and tons of cheese}

i have my last meals planned out.

and what about my ice cream? wahhh. i’d hate to be lactose intolerant all my life. i’d cry. {or spend a lot of time in the bathroom. but then i’d be enjoying my ice cream….. it could be a toss up. lol.}


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