bad mistake.

i have my old phone disconnected, full of texts. i’ve been doing good. i’ve been doing great.

and then i turn on that stupid ole phone and get bombarded with these texts that i do not want to see nor do i want to remember the content or the meaning. or see that ugly phone number.

i’m a girl. so you know what i do? i scroll through EVERY SINGLE FLIPPING STUPID TEXT. the stupid i love you’s. the stupid i miss you’s. those types of stupid texts.

why? cause i’m stupid.i don’t know. i sure as heck know i didn’t want to.

i read every one. i remember the reasons for each text. i remember the butterflies.

i think remember how badly you screwed me over and how psychotic you are to have hacked my computer and my phone!

then i get ticked off.

ticked off enough to say screw you on my blog.

enough to say go dig your own grave.

and then

i remember.

my life is better without you in it.

p.s. those texts, i deleted without looking back.

why? because you are a liar and a crazy psychotic control freak.

then i see this beautiful photo.

and i laugh.



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