day 19 but i quit that for the day.

Friends! I switched my major! Okay! Not too serious, still gonna be a teacher but I won’t be teaching those older stinkers. My degree only certifies me to teach prek-3rd grade! Thank goodness. Now, my terrible spelling doesn’t matter nearly as much as it would have if I got stuck teaching 6th grade… oh nearly gives me a heart attack.

I am really excited. I am soooo excited to see the end in sight. For some reason, knowing that I could be teaching at a private school, charter school or places like headstart next fall, just excites me to my core!

But I will get my teaching certification so I can teach in public schools. But as for now, I’m so happy!!

Early Childhood Education is my major.

My minor is no longer but hey, that’s okay with me!

Love you all.


Gotta go prep for the show tomorrow.

Ya’ll coming tomorrow? You best.


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