day 18, whatever i fancy.

holy snap. here’s an actual post for ya’ll. i’m mad. i’m not just mad, i’m ticked off. i’m royally peeved.

it’s nothing to write home about, although i sure called home enough times regarding it. i took the praxis 1. it’s a lame test that the university of utah requires in order to even be accepted into their education programs. i took the math, reading and writing portions today. i found out my scores for my math and my reading. i got a 172 on reading and a 179 on the math. good scores right? totally average and good for a horrid test taker like me….

well that lovely 172 is not good enough for my lovely school. you may ask what is good enough. well, let me tell you. a 173. yes. i scored ONE flipping gosh dang point below the passing/failing line.

i’m just completely bitter about it. i looked in to going to byu. i cannot believe i actually looked into it. i decided it wasn’t worth switching so i’m just going to be bitter about my stupid score for a few days or until i call and reschedule my test.

bright side: get to call the guy, his name’s james and i happen to think he’s cute.

“hi james, it’s courtney again. i can’t get enough of you guys charging me over 100 bucks for a test, so i’m back again. but this time, if you charge me twice for one test, your taking me out on a date. kapeesh?”

can’t you tell it’s love.

craft show on saturday, friends! come! click the grace giggles tab to see the flier.



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