day 15; a fanfic.

say what?

i dunno what a fanfic is. therefore i refuse to do it. today will be a whatever i want to talk about. Muhaha.

i have a killer headache. i’m super tired. i’m grumpy.

i have a stalker. it’s wonderful. i love it. i love the weekly calls i get to only have the idiot hang out. i’m sorry, stalker, i called you an idiot.

the stalker finally got gutsy and texted me about whiskey. i shared with you this yesterday.

p.s. stalker, you should know that i do not drink nor have i ever drank. thus your stalking time is now being made fun of on this blog that you stalk also.

your just a pain. my family will second that. my friends will third that.

so leave me alone.

thanks for making me the center of your time.



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