day 06; whatever tickles my fancy….

i have nothing that tickles my fancy today!

i got my fabric to make new headbands. i have yet to do any homework.

be advised: i will be doing homework at sunday dinner.

i have made 28 headbands today. no, not completed ones but just the headbands.

i showered.

i am in a bad mood regarding University of Utah verses TCU. Don’t ask.

i went to target.

i went to hobby lobby.

i vacuumed while in my robe just out of my shower.

i am wearing my aqua reef mens deodorant.

have you ever noticed that when you shave your armpits, it’s easier, so much easier, to suddenly have B.O?

it sucks.

still have to do my make-up.

i am going to provo tonight.

ah. 🙂

day 06: check.


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