day 3 and the stress level lowering.

day 3:

My favorite tv program: One Tree Hill. Grey’s.

So today, I asked protesters to protest silently. They willingly protested in silence for 10 minutes.  I tried for 25 but they just weren’t having it. I went down to 15 minutes. They went down to 10. I took it and ran, literally.

Law professor- “If I ever have a bully, I’m calling you.”

Uhmm… you win more bee’s with honey then you do salt.

Listen to Mr. Immature. It’s a good song.

Oh my hannah. i have a giant zit on my cheek. What the heck! MY CHEEK? and I didn’t know what it was so I popped it and now it’s a zit and a bruise. Life.

You take what you can get, right?

Off to finish homework. Love the busy life!!


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