There are a lot of thoughts rolling on…

So it probably won’t make any gosh darn sense. So maybe just stop reading this and scroll to the picture and read that story. It doesn’t make sense either.

Did you know at the age of 20, me, Courtney, got asked to be a guardian of an 8 year old if something should happen to this said 8 year olds mother? No, I bet you didn’t. But it’s true.

Did you know that the day before my 18 birthday, I was in a car accident that wasn’t my fault and my car got totalled?

Did you know that less than 6 months later, I was in another car accident and this accident happened when my baby cobalt had under 2,ooo miles on it.

Did you know that I used to work with the football team at my high school? No, you don’t believe me? Well, ask me what stem is and the most awkward spot to put it on a guy. Or the most awkward tape job to give a guy?

That is a funny story. I’ll share. So my first kiss was this boy named A.J. (okay high school friends, you know my dirty little secret). It was my junior year. It took place out and around hilton lake and it was fun. Well, I was a sports medicine trainer then and these football boys were picky (complete understatement). There were certain guys that would only be stretched and taped by certain people. I had my own little list going and when one of my friends wasn’t around, I had the “glorious” opportunity to tape and wrap A.J.’s groin. You read right! Every time, I about died. Especially when my crush, Joelers, decided to talk to his best friend during that time (okay, so A.J. was my first kiss while I liked Joel, big deal….)

To do the groin wrap, you have the person stand on a stool so that their crotch is right at EYE level. Depending on the certain muscle that your are focusing on, you either go through the legs from the front or you go through the legs from the back. Let me stress the importance of getting it as HIGH in between the legs as it can go, you want it to be like a spring.

Like this. See. HIGH.

So either way, I had just kissed this kid and now, I’m doing groin wraps on him while I liked this other kid and going to second base without even trying to! It was just horrid.

Did you know that I fell backwards on a tennis court, got a concussion and have the paramedics rushed to my school because I blacked out? No, you didn’t?

Did you know that from this said concussion, I lost hearing in one of my ears because my ear drum decided to CLOSE up due to the “injury.” Stupid eardrum.

Did you know that overall, I have earned 7 concussions, I think? 6 from snowboarding. Yeah, I’ve lost count.

Did you know that I have my own buziness? go. and that we are in a “craft show” on November 20th in Salt Lake City. Want more information, comment me, babez.

Yes, every blog will have something about grace giggles!

And before I forget: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


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