can i get a what, what?

This is fabulous! Recently, I got rid of some garbage that I have been holding onto for a while now even though I knew I needed to take that pile of trash out to the garbage can.

So Wednesday came and I was chatting with Carly, my dear besty, and she was like just take it out! You don’t need that nor have you used that in the past year! She said you know you do not need it so why are you holding onto it?

So that night, I took the garbage out. I have so much more room in my closet!

So, I wish I looked like that when I took my garbage out, I was rather cold and sick at the time so I was all bundled up. (the flu sucks)

Thursday morning came, I opened my closet, looked in side and danced. I danced for joy about having room to expand myself or expand my clothing collection. Then I kept cleaning and I cleaned out my itunes music! yahh.

First purchase: Pointy toed boots. Like the types of boot that looks like you can stick up someones bum!

Like these! Oh, aren’t they cute!

Can I get a what, what!


P.S. Friends. Mark your calendar for November 2nd! Grace Giggles is in a craft show! More information to come as the time gets closer!

P.S.S. Dinner group party at my house tonight! Yahhhh!


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