oh hi, i am still here.

Life is crazy. Not gonna lie. I started my own business with my buddy, Steph. I’m still breathing and taking 19 credits. It’s bitter cold outside.

Buizness stuff- We try to be fair, we try to treat our “friends” to deals. So treat yourself to a good deal and go to www.etsy.com/gracegigglesglam. They are great Christmas presents and we do do wonderful custom orders for adults, kids and even babies. Grace Giggles is up and running and we are feeling truly lucky and blessed! We are now in Bee Bops & Lollipops in Snohomish, Washington and we are in Nailed in Salt Lake City, Utah.

School. Do you realize how hard it is to come back to school after fall break? I still am having difficulty getting back into the swing of things. It’s killer!

And to top everything off: It has snowed.

xoxo loves.


2 thoughts on “oh hi, i am still here.

  1. Oh my goodness! I love BeeBops and Lollipops! That is my favorite childrens boutique ever! I’m going there tomorrow to buy up the merchandise! Congrats on all of your success Courtney. P.S. The next time you fly into Seattle, you should Have us pick you up at the airport! 😉

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