It’s my birthday weekend, oh my.

This is my birthday weekend. I have some excited things that I have up my sleeve.

I went out to celebrate on Friday night, yummy fabulous food at PF Changs.

Saturday, I went to Lagoon. I rode a butt load of rides. I did the two circlely one, I did wicked and did not leave any trace of my sacredness in my pants (thank goodness), I did a whole bunch of rides. I went with my cousin and she’s a ride freak, safe to say? So she pushed me out of my comfort zone and I did it! Fire Dragon, I own you. We got awesome food, Carl’s JR with fry sauce, made it all worth it!

Ooh, and I got a tattoo. It was a blast. Best way to spend a pre-birthday day.

All this is going down before my actual birthday. My actual birthday is on a Monday. Who turns 21 on a Monday? Oh and what do Mormons do for the 21st birthday besides go out to dinner?

There are ZERO-ZIPPO plans for my actual birthday. Probably gonna do homework since I’m escaping out of Utah on Wednesday night! I cannot wait. My sister called me and left me a message about us getting our freak on with all drinks that normally include alcohol but leaving the alcohol out.

Ooh, and I get to see the most awesome kid ever and I get to see him in a 4 days!!!! I may pee my pants!!

Exciting birthday, right? Can’t wait to see and celebrate with my family. It’s gonna be a party in itself!

Starting to pack already. Oh, yes, I’m not kidding. It’s packing and cleaning like crazy time! Oh and writing an 6 page paper… gahh. I have a page done.

2 thoughts on “It’s my birthday weekend, oh my.

  1. “Ooh, and I’m dating the most awesome kid ever and I get to see him in a 4 days!!!! I may pee my pants!! It’s love.”

    You better not be dating someone and have not told me about it…haha. Why don’t we ever hang outside of the class sometime?! I wish you didn’t have wordpress because I can’t “follow” you and get automatic updates on this thing haha 🙂

    1. Thus get a mac and you can have rss feeds, ALL THE TIME! 😉 and sista, we do have to hang out outside of class. And you know the story about me dating someone or lack there of, hint hint, florida?

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