just because, you’ll say i’m crazy.

I was looking at my friends’ pictures and holy snap, I busted a gut because….
-Smart cars are ugly.
-Smart cars tend to hate me, instead of Max Hall, it should say “I hate Courtney and I’ll always cut her off even if there isn’t room between her and the car in front of her.” (yes, this is a true story. every time there is a smart car near me, it cuts me off.)
-I’ve already told you about smart cars being at the top of my list of cars that I do not like.
-And… zutes? wft?

Just wtf goes through my mind.

On another positive note:
I can no longer say “I dislike fords.” Why may you ask? Well, my father sold the bumble bee and another vette and got a… wait…….for…….it….

A Shelby Mustang GT.

I have yet to ride in it but I will. And I’ll snap lots of photos. AND I’ll even blog about it.

I’m eating salad topped with chicken and I put too much spice on the chicken… wowzers.

Off to edit pictures!! 🙂 Photo shoot was today! 🙂

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