Dear Hottie-Mc-Hottie


Let’s come to an understanding that I am super-dee-duper shy. I see you staring at me. I see you see me staring at you. But we’ve got to get to a point where we can say hello. That when I walk past you, I don’t get stunned by your yummy cologne, Abercombie and Fitch Fierce.

So. This week, we only have one class together. Let’s make it worth the hours and hours of staring at each other. 🙂 You know, let’s go to Lagoon Frightmares because I went last year and it was a stinking blast. Perfect time to get to know each other in a dark haunted house. 😉

Thanks, Hottie-Mc-Hottie

P.S. Hottie-Mc-Hottie: cute guy from my class, blonde spiky hair, blue or green eyes and perfect uhmm, face.

P.S.S. Lagoon Frightmares happen during the fall until Halloween. I went last year 5 days before Halloween. I had free tickets. It was so much fun. I recommend you trying it out yourself and don’t be scared of the chainsaw man.

P.S.S.S. Want to know more about this so called chainsaw man?

Holy Snap. Here goes my story. Along time ago when I was just a wee tot, about 12 years old, I went with my older sisters to a haunted house. I’m hiding behind my big buff brother-in-law the whole time, I was scared. Things keep popping out at me, I jumped, grab b-i-l’s arm and close my eyes throughout the whole thing. Towards the end, I hear a chainsaw, RAAAA-RAAAAA with screams attached with it. Holy poop on a stick, I think I may die is running through my head. The noise gets louder and Louder and LOUDER until we are right next to chainsaw man. We all start to run. AND who does he chase after? ME. Seriously. I’m running around this parking lot outside of the haunted house screaming and finally, I jump in the back of some dude’s pick-up truck. Needless to say, I am scared of chainsaw men.

Then at frightmares last year at Lagoon, the story continues. The tag long friend and I are going through the haunted houses and so what. We are in line for our last haunted house before we had to leave and I hear the chainsaw. Oh.My.Gosh. My hearts starts to race. You could probably see it through my shirt, not even kidding. I’m trying to get out of line. But this stupid tag along friend is like “I’ll protect you.” So I go in.

What an idiot am I?

We are going through this haunted house. I’m chatting it up with all these haunted workers and I start to talk to this one guy (I am a little chatty) and I was like “How’s your day going?” type stuff and then the line starts moving so I start walking and OUT OF THE BLUE COMES MY CHATTY FRIEND WITH AN STINKIN’ CHAINSAW towards me. I pushed the people who were in front of me out of my way and RAN out of there as fast as my short legs could carry me.

So the moral of the story: don’t chat with the haunted people. They will think you aren’t scared and try to kill you with a chainsaw. But with a Hottie-Mc-Hottie at your side, you may want to. 😉


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