nasty habits.

What do you all think of when you hear the word habits and nasty combined into one sentence? Do you think of someone picking their nose? Well, no worries, that isn’t my old nasty habit. I used to….

wait for it…..

wait for it….

bite my nails and “trim” my toe nails without clippers. I’ve been able to stop that habit. When I first moved to Utah, I stopped biting my nails. It was easy to stop because it was a new place and new “habits” were being formed. The toes however, if they got to long, I’d rip the offender’s “nail” off (I never did go without a toe nail on my toes, just ripped off the nail that was over hanging.)

Well, that all changed when I went and got my pedicure, should I even say pedicure because all she did was smooth my feet out and make me pass out but anywhoo, she shaped up the toes and since then, I have been diligent at keeping then in tip-top shape and size.

I’ve noticed that whenever I get stressed, off with the nails. It’s my stress relieving process. A crappy one at that. This week, I’ve bitten two nails off.

Oh, how stress is not my friend.

Tonight is the first game of the season for the Utes. Am I going? No. I preferably would rather keep my head, not be sat on or spilled on or cussed at or stalked. This does indeed mean I don’t have season tickets unlike the past two years. But I will be on campus tonight.

Go Research and Inquiry!! If I can find parking, oh golly gee willikers.


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