them stuffy noses.

the heads a little cloudy. the cold is finally setting in, curse and kill you cold giver. the eyes are already starting to water. white collar is on. i’m in these stinkin’ comfy pants from target. they were cheap. i may never take them off except to wash them. i may buy all 6 other colors just because i love the feel so much. i have a massive zit on my stinkin’ face. it’s called a cyst. it’s freaking gross. i guess since i never had bad acne, only a zit or two a month, i am getting payback in my 20’s. how unfair is that? i don’t feel like using capitals. it’s just so against the mood i am in. i had some terrible news brought to my attention tonight. i don’t feel like sharing but macie’s mom is no longer on this earth. oh. face. itch. scratch. ewww. blood. ah. crap. a scab. holy hannah, have i told you about lovely hot man whose in 2 of my classes? yes, 6 hours a week i stare and dream and fantasize about this gorgeous blonde hair green eye dreamy man. and i have a freaking zit on my face while i am staring at hottie-mc-hottie. off to bed. maybe i’ll make sense tomorrow cause i’m sure as heck not making any tonight.


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