Eat, Pray, Love.

I went Little V (Victoria) to Eat, Pray, Love last night! My summer is officially ending this Sunday. School starts on Monday. We are plotting, well maybe it’s mostly me. But I am going to take a year to learn about 10-12 different countries/cities.

Each month, I will then make a meal from that place.

Victoria and I picked the countries/cities out:


I’m nervous about this commitment but I think it will be so much fun. I will learn a lot about other parts of the world. I will learn about the countries and cities and grow to love them.

My mom lived in both Sweden and Australia which is why I want to learn about those two countries. Verona is where the Juliet Club is located and it would be fun for one month to write a letter and wait for the response.

My Grandma traveled around the world. She’d take cruises and trips with my sisters and cousins but she was too old when I was born to continue doing trips so I haven’t had the chance but this is my chance and I’m taking it! 🙂

So starting in October, the 21st birthday month, Courtney’s version of Eat, Pray, Love will commence and it will be fun to watch!

Look out, cooking Courtney will be enjoying learning how to cook different meals from different countries!!


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