Another Photo from da concert, yo.

So. I was going through my photos and guess what! I saw that Charles is indeed a good looking man and how can Hilary not be married? She’s gorgeous! Look at her shoes, sexy…. oh sorry that all of her shoe is being blocked by the other lady taking a photo but hey, you still get the idea! And how in the world does she move in those heels! I can’t last 3 hours in 4 inch heels and that’s with mostly sitting but try me in dancing?

I’d rather be barefoot.

Oh, an update on the Syncope’s (come on bloggy stalkers, think, fainting). I took a long hot shower to test out a theory. My theory was indeed CORRECT! I get light headed when the water is tooo hot for more then 10 minutes. Thus, no more scalding hot showers, hot tubs (for too long a period of time) or too long of hot baths…. or heaven forbid a nice pedicure….

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I don’t need to be passed out naked in my shower…. ugh….. that would be embarrassing.

Well, off to get ready for work tomorrow. Who knew that driving to Copperton would take so much out of you. Anyone who is from Utah or knows a little about Utah will understand. I take 215 to Redwood or known as T-ville. Turn left. Drive to 7800 S. Turn Right. GO 20 minutes until you hit the copper mines. Turn right, turn left, turn left then park. Oh, and I have to leave my place by 7:30 in the morning! Good thing I’m going opposite of traffic or else, it wouldn’t be pretty.

The besty! Don’t we kinda look like twins? We even both wear rings on the left hand! Oh peesh, don’t pee your pants, I am not married.

Joel, thinking he is 5 foot and hiding in my trunk.

I don’t know if I have ever spoken about Joel, Joelers, buddy, beef, or my best friend. He is the guy who I always have liked (no hiding that now, huh, Joel?). The one I would date if we lived in the same state (heck, I’d date him here in Utah). The one who I play hit for hit with and not get mad about the bruises that would cover my arms. The one who gave me a intro to shifting. Who taught me that you have to show emotion in order to get what you want or need. Who skis and would kick butt my butt if I ever decided to ski which is why I still have yet to try and ski but will remain a snowboarder (you’d think about 4 concussions on a board, I’d give up, nope.)

This best friend is giving me a run for my money. He’s joining the MARINES! I don’t know if I can handle it some days. This kid is the guy I went to when my house almost exploded on me. This guy is my 6 foot 7 inches hero. Today he asked me if I loved him and without hesitation, I said I did. So, I guess that is where I need to pull from on being able to handle him getting shot at.

Just please don’t get hurt. I don’t think I could take on the people who may hurt you. I would try my darn-dest though.


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