My Saturday Night in the E.R.

Oh yes, I did just say E.R. as in Emergency Room. You know the days where everything is going great and you are ending the day by getting a pedicure and you suddenly feel light headed so you lay your head back in the chair and then the next thing you hear is “COURTNEY!!!!! Did you know you dropped your water bottle?” Then having a towel given to you because you are acting like your going to throw up over the poor girl who got stuck doing your toes. Then having the EMS coming to visit you at the salon you are at.

Well, a lot apparently happened in between that. Like acting like I was going to have a seizure or that I was talking in between “sleeping” or should I say passing out or that I almost fell out of my chair.

So EMS were called. Yes, that happens to be the 2nd time EMS have been called for just little ole me. First time was for the concussion on the tennis court, remember that? Oh if not, that’s another story.

Back to the EMS, I had 6 lovely EMS surrounding me. 5 were men and 1 was a gal. I got checked out, blood pressure, oxygen checked and diabetes checked (it’s 105, no diabetes for me) and then EMS recommended that I go to the hospital. I said I didn’t want to go in an ambulance, that would be totally embarrassing, not like I wasn’t embarrassed already.  So with that, my cousin that was with me drove me to the hospital.

I remember everything from this point on. The sun was blinding me in the car. I got admitted to the hospital. I was in exam room 3.  My doctor was Dr. Ryan Giles. Oh yup, he’s blog famous now. I got an EKG, the nurse who was doing the EKG wasn’t happy with me, I kept moving. Whooops, anyone who knows me KNOWS I can’t sit still.

Then, Dr. Ryan said something about a post fainting tick, yes, I said tick, that happens when someone faints which looks similar to a seizure. I got blood work done, an IV stuck in my arm, hooked up to a heart monitor, finger oxygen reader and blood pressure reader. Blood work came back,  I am healthy as a horse! I was free to go.

My view. I pulled the curtain back and watched the actual sick people being wheeled around. Oh and the tv didn’t have a remote, sucked.

The light still bugged my eyes but Jen said I looked like I had checked out so I threw up a peace sign to show I was alive.

The blood drainers (nurses) took 4 vials of blood and then gave me “fluids” and anti-nausea meds.

My phone was about to die so I had to stop taking pictures. Sorry I don’t have more to offer picture wise.

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