First off, I was sitting in the MOST perfect seats EVER! Section 304, Row H, Seat 24. I got a rocking T-shirt that with Tim and Me working it, it is a sexy shirt.

Second off, it was perfect weather! I won tickets to Nitty gritty dirt band.

Third off,  Drunk people spilling beer on me. Fabulous. Oh, and smoking around me. Oh, and taking my fabulous, perfect seat.

He was sure a good eye candy. Only cowboy who looked good as a cowboy, besides Tim.


This is Christina and me waiting for Lady A!

We then decided to stalk Timmy.

Oh, this is us on the way. Way cuter than any ball and chain.

Clear view and shows how good our seats were.

Proof that it wasn’t I throwing my bra on stage. I was too far away.

They wrote Wrong baby Wrong that Martina sings.

Ignore the chick with the bad hair in the blue.

Lady A. Way good in person.

So, this concert was my first! I had to drive home because my friend got sick to her belly. But people are sure not kind when trying to exit a concert parking lot. I saw a fight too. I saw some weird people. There was one lady who I wanted to video but i didn’t but she looked like she was having a seizure. It was insane.

I’m wearing my Timmy shirt right now and I must say, I like it.

I want to go to the Lady A concert here this fall. Better start saving up the cash.


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