I would say something sarcastic but I’m afraid that it would be taken seriously…. :)

So….I sometimes hate being a 20 year old mom of 8 year olds. I love “my” children but sometimes, I just want to wring their sweet necks.

Come on. How hard is it to copy words down on a piece of paper for a card for YOUR dad to say thank you for your early birthday present? Seriously, you are EIGHT, ALMOST NINE AND YOU THINK CRYING WILL GET YOU OUT OF WRITING THIS THANK YOU NOTE?

I know I’m not the best at writing thank you’s but that is one thing I want to change. AND I know the boss lady likes thank yous to be written to show the appreciation.

And how hard is it not to chuck a water bomb toy AT MY FACE? Seriously? Come on, I have the power to kick your sweet little skinny butt out of this pool ’cause I be the one who brought you here.

OH LITTLE MAN!!!!!!!!! DID YOU NOT HEAR ME SAY DON’T SQUIRT ME WITH THAT GUN? I will toss it in the garbage if you squirt my face one more time….. Do you think I am kidding…….. Try that one more time and see with your brand new water gun is in 5 minutes. I dare you.

And, this was all today AND today was a good day attitude wise. Today, he didn’t throw a tantrum like a 2 year old on a TRAMPOLINE like 3 days ago….. Gosh… And it was just HIM that throws the fits.

Man, I love him.

Just keep reminding myself that.


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