a fair share?

I’ve told my fair share of lies, white lies and big lies. I won’t lie about that. But what gets me is the pathological liars. The liars who lie about anything and everything. When in the short run and long run, the lies just dig them deeper holes to dig themselves out of. The lies then have to build from what you did last Friday to how you spent your whole week to how you spent your whole month.

I’m smart. I won’t toot my own horn about that but even I’m not smart enough to remember the facts to a made up lie to build upon that lie.

Let’s say my lie what going out of town when in reality, I wasn’t. I know, silly lie, right? But in reality, it’s this big dorky dork that wants to go out with me on Friday night and I really don’t want to. Instead of saying “I can’t go” or “I have other plans,” I say “I’m going out of town.

Right there, your caught. Then you have to make up a location: Camping. Then you have to make up people because you can’t go alone, heavens to besty, if you went alone: people. Then you have to make up a specific location. Then you have to talk about the weather, what you did while camping, hiking, rock climbing, river rafting, swimming, rock collecting etc. Then you have to cover your tracks on why you didn’t respond to this said boys texts: I was out of range or my phone was off so I would have it on the drive home and if there was an emergency, my battery would be charge when in fact this said boy knows and watches you enough to know that your phone is never off and you would bring a back up generator thingy to charge it because you need your ipod and cell phone (which is completely true).

So when this said boy texts you the next week, you have all your bases covered, when in reality, you could have just said “I have other plans” or “I can’t hang out.”

Oh, don’t forget to get the fake dirt tan along with some camping pictures because darn it, you don’t want to be caught in your lie.

So, what is this point of lying? To shield people from the truth? To shield them from being hurt? I know for a fact this said boy is deeply hurt because no one is this dumb to believe that type a lie especially with the weather we have been having here.

Lying does no one good. I know, Shut up, Courtney… (thanks Jen) but it’s a very valuable lesson and I once heard a friend say “You won’t ever hear a lie come out of my mouth because I’m not smart enough to remember anything that is a lie. The only things I remember are the truth.”

As I get older, I realize I don’t have space in my mind to tell the little white lies because I’m so busy looking at other people. 🙂


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