My head is cloudy, it could possibly be from the amount of cold medicine that I’m taking, don’t ask me how much I’ve taken cause I couldn’t tell you.

But I had the most random dream, due to the amount of cold medicine, I assume.

Well, I’m riding in a truck with the ex in Washington, bizarre in itself, he was still dating his girlfriend and we were talking about them and their relationship. His truck is old but he had automatic side mirror thingys, like it moves them in so they don’t get hit or what not.

Then it jumps to me camping with a bunch of people from high school. First off, I don’t talk to anyone from my grade from high school. It is just a fact. I’m fine with it and it doesn’t bother me. Stuff happens and then I’m seeing my dream through a video camera. I had been in such a deep sleep in my dream that I was sleeping on an inflatable baby pool that was flipped over. They tried to wake me when we were packing up but I wouldn’t wake so they put me on top of a lumber pile, oh did I mention I was sleeping in my bathing suit? embarrassing….. Then the group starts talking about leaving and they bring up the sleeping zombie on top of the lumber pile and then the video camera zooms in on me and I start to wake up. I seriously looked like I was dead up there and I start to get up and the PILE OF WOOD THAT WAS ABOVE MY HEAD STARTED FALLING ON ME!!!!!!!!!

Then I woke up. I still have a major headache, almost like Macie jumped on my head while I was sleeping but she didn’t, she slept on the floor last night in the first place. Dark room, staying in bed until work tonight. Would it be bad to take night quill now since it is 10:37 in the morning?

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