Hairy Itchyness.

Catchy title? Images planted in your sweet minds?

Well, I gave my first haircut to Macie Doodles. For my first hair cut, I’m proud of myself. I didn’t butcher her hair or fur or whatever it’s called. Scottish Terriers hair is coarse and gets stuck in your clothes and makes you itch like crazy. Thus, hairy itchyness.

This is after I mowed the stinking lawn and the grass baggy catcher thing doesn’t seal properly or whatever. So I already had grass down my shirt, my pants and down between my toes.

So then, I go and get hairy.

It’s just an itchy day.

Then Macie tried to go commit doggy suicide. She decided to go and chase a dog that was running with it’s owner. She booked it across the street and up toward the 5 lane highway.

Great lovely day, nerves are shot and allergies or a cold.

Time for bed.

But this made my day.

🙂 Lovely. Lovely. Made my day.


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