As I enjoy the sun..

The storm is a coming. I am dreading it. I’ve gotten a little bit of sun in the past couple of days with the lovely weather but not enough. My goal every summer is to get as tan as my birth mark on my shoulder. I gotta start early because the birth mark gets darker as I get darker.

So I slathered on some spf 15 ( I used to not even do that) and got into the suit and laid out in the grass with no blanket…. I forgot I’m allergic to grass so I soon started itching and you all know, it’s not comfortable to sit in a regular chair to get some vitamin d so after about 30 minutes, I gave up.

Everybody seems to be enjoying my hair cut. I am too! Next time I get it cut, I am going to do a more harsh a-line. It’s weird. This year started with hair in the middle of my back and now, it’s above my shoulders. (itching break)

Zeo’s new sister’s name is Zoey. Get it? Haha. I have some cute pictures of her but I have to upload them from my phone. So I will soon do that.

Time to go and do some clean-up. Lately, I’ve just been tossing my clothes on the chair that I happen to be sitting on and I’m slipping off… I think it’s a sign.

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