Did my neighbor take stupid pills today?

I’m not talking about my next door neighbor. I’m talking about my neighbor down the street who has 3 king charles dogs and i’m not sure if they are a couple or just best friends living together. But anywho… these dogs like to escape. They run to my house weekly to see Macie. They don’t go on walks and they just get chained up to a stake to get their exercise. I’m not complaining about how they care for their pets, I’m not, just painting the picture that their animals don’t get exercise.

So when the pizza man comes, the dogs RUN. So what do the owners do? Do they walk up the street to chase the dogs? No. They get into their car. Well. Tonight one of them was driving. If any of you know my driveway, it’s lower then my neighbor’s, there is a gradual increase from mine to her’s. Anyone who has driven on my driveway knows- WATCH OUT OF THE SIDE, Right?

Okay, so my down the street neighbor must have been drunk. She got, I don’t know the word, 3 tires on solid ground and the other axle on solid ground but not the last tire, does that make sense? Jeeps can survive doing that type crap, you know, like missing a tire on the curb and just going over it but HELLO, suburus can’t.

But anyways, SHE FLOORED IT. Burned rubber like no other and freaking left a black mark where her axle was touching cement and a tire mark where she decided to floor it instead of you know, not getting into that non car position. I want to say she high-centered her car but heck, i don’t know. I only went car rock climbing once. Is it even called that?

I’ll post pictures tomorrow. Too dark to go take pictures. Goodness gracious. It always surprises me how dumb people can be.

Night, Night!

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