Another dog you may ask?

It is indeed true. My parents are buying another dog. She is a twin to Zeo, just hopefully 10 pounds less then him although while he has been here, he has lost some weight. She was born on April Fool’s day. She is the only girl in her liter, spoiled, right?

Ziva, Zoey or Zena.

I’ve vetoed Ziva but now the parentals are teasing me about it. I think Zoey without the y because Zeo and Zoe. Hahah, get it?

I picked Ali first. Zeo and Ali. But now it’s going to be a “Z” name.

I keep telling Zeo everyday that he has a new sister. Do you think he gets it, I doubt it.

Yes, that is a picture of her. She just opened her eyes yesterday! I got to see her when she was only two days old! Can’t wait to see her for the rest of her doggy years!!!


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