Oh boy, My Favorites.

These sweaters are from Nordstroms BP. I have brown, black, white, cream, pink and 3 other shades of brown from there. These are too die for! I actually wore one to church! Muhah. Love them.

The only pair of shoes I love with all my dear little feet's heart.

So you know, these are them famous crocs. love them. ordered another pair. $14.00 on sale!! Match meant to be!!

These are my life lines for my hair. My hair isn’t picky, I swear but it sure does love a good shampoo and conditioner and when it gets lathered in these two things, I think my hair says “Thank you.”

My hair oil. It smells great, makes my hair lovely. It’s also a leave-in conditioner and reconstructing serum. I just ran out so I am testing out the CHI serum oil. Hopefully, it does wonders on my hair to or else it could be a long hair year.

This is my deodorant. It is $18 at Nordstroms but man, it lasts a good year. You don’t have to cake it on like other brands. No B.O. comes from my armpits! Try it! If you don’t like it, give the bottle to me!

If you haven’t noticed, there is rarely a time when the toesys aren’t painted. Right now, my color is I’m really not a waitress. I get a kick out what the colors name may be. It’s hilarious that O.P.I names their nail polish such easy to remember names.Okay, my last little love thing. Jaqua bodycream. Man of man, if this isn’t to die for then you will die once you smell buttercream. My sister got me mine for Christmas and have mercy, it’s my smelly treat. I try not to use it all to often because, you know, it will run out but there are the days that I need a little piece of heaven!

I am a product junkie so you can trust me on these things! Steal them if you wish, I won’t be offended! 🙂


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