I have an obsession!

There are these one pair of shoes that I will probably wear until there is a hole in the sole of them. They are bad for my arches but oh man, they are just so comfortable.  They are bright orange. They are uhm… crocs….. big fashion no-no right there. I guess all parts of these shoes are big fashion no-no’s but I love them. I will be sad when the day comes that I have to buy a new pair, oh you know I will.

The trusty shoes.

I do not wear them to church. I have some restraint. Plus the orange, the dirtiness and the fact that I wear them everyday kind of makes it seem a little uhm, not appropriate to wear to a Sunday church meetings.

These shoes go with anything. It doesn’t matter, they just do. Deal with it. Bite you tongue those avid shoe wearers. 🙂

Okay, so I posted this and then I decided to go check Amazon to see if they by any chance have them and what do you know!


I was tempted to buy them today but it’s Sunday. So as soon as the clock strikes 8:00 AM, I’m buying them. I was going to say 12:00 AM but I know I’ll be sleeping. Ha.


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