Dreams can one day become a reality, right?

So, you all know that I live in a house, not a box or a train but a house. The house has a basement apartment. I love this house. Like love this house. Like starting to save money to buy this house from the parentals one day, I hope, if they are nice enough  (smile) to let me buy it.

Back to the basement apartment. I would keep it as a apartment until I or we or whoever needed more space. When that day may or may not come, I want to honestly add another bedroom downstairs and make it a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home.

Take the wood panelling off the walls, Paint it a light airy color and just have it feel more open down stairs.

It’s a dream. But I have a vision.

Maybe it will come true?

P.S. Macie just has a tumor on her face. Just a tumor, yes. It’s a weird thing that I already forgot the name but if it’s not gone by June 1st, Katie’s birthday, I will be returning to the $49.50 (just an office visit) vet.  Peace of mind.


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