My floors are muddy.

My floors are muddy. It drives me nutty. But I don’t care. I clean them once a day and go about the rest of the day with muddy floors, once again. I guess I’ve given up on having a clean house, in regards to my floor. It’s gross and icky and everything that I dislike but when it’s the loving animals that bring it in, you deal. I guess that’s just preparing me for the oil carrying mess that I call future sexy beast to come trotting in the house bring in disgusting particles from the outside world! How is it that I can go outside, work in my yard, mow the grass, shovel dog poop and come inside with other dirty hands? Maybe I am a clean freak but it makes for a clean house!

I held my friends baby today. She’s 7 months older than me and has a baby! She just turned 21! No way would I be able to have a baby while still in college, I’d say good-bye college, hello cute little cuddly warm sweet bundle of joy. Maybe it’s a good thing she’s graduating this spring.

I told this little baby to tell my little spirit babies that their earthy father is an idiot for taking so long. Even though I am okay with being single, I do enjoy it, I had a little case of baby fever today.

Have I ever shared my deepest secret? Okay, here it is. I played with dolls until I was uhm, 14 I think. Yes, I think it was 14 cause I decided a mia maid couldn’t play with babies. So I packed up my real car seat, had my mother take it to the D.I. and put my toy babies in a box for the attic.

Some days, I still wish I could play with my baby dolls but then I remember, I’m 20.  Oh, how sad.


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